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SLG attorneys are available to provide counsel in the security clearance revocation and appeals process

Military members, Federal employees, and government contractors are often required to obtain and maintain a security clearance in order to qualify for and remain in sensitive positions within the military, the federal government, or as a secured contractor.

The application process as well as the clearance renewal process involves an extensive background investigation into your personal life. Everything from traffic offenses to debts can be scrutinized. Additionally, security clearances can be revoked at any time due to various reasons that may call your ability to be compromised into question, or undermine your qualification to work in a sensitive position.  Such reasons may include, but are not limited to excessive debt, gambling, drug involvement, sexual indiscretions, and foreign influences.  The loss of one’s security clearance can result in the loss of one’s job.

If you have recently had your application denied or had your security clearance revoked, our lawyers can provide you with the counsel necessary to fight to obtain or retain your clearance – as well as your job.  Our attorneys are available to provide counsel in the security clearance revocation and appeals process, including:

  • Preparation of response to the Statement of Reasons (SOR)
  • Requests for Hearings
  • Representation at post-denial hearings in front of the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA), Department of Defense, FBI, CIA, DHS, and other government agencies, including document and witness preparation
  • Preparation and representation throughout further appeals

If you have had a security clearance application denied, or had your security clearance revoked, you will be issued a document called a Statement of Reasons (SOR) that sets for the reasons for the denial or revocation.  You then have the right to appeal, but may have as short as 45 days to submit a response, which consists of an extensive brief citing relevant legal precedents and setting forth mitigating factors that support granting or retention of your clearance.