At SLG, our family law attorneys assist clients with completing mediation and formalizing agreements.

Mediation is an alternative to traditional courtroom-based resolution of disputes. For those seeking a more collaborative process, mediation may be a viable way of resolving divorce o family law issues. Additionally, mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that helps avoid the stress and expense of a lengthy court battle.

What’s Involved In Mediation?

Mediation works best for parties who are generally in agreement about what they want. In divorce, this means a consensus about how to divide the property, whether one party will pay spousal support, and how the care and custody of any minor children will be arranged. Mediation can also be a valuable tool for avoiding the courtroom in standalone child custody and visitation cases.

If you end up reaching a formal agreement in mediation, the agreement is legally binding. That means you cannot change your mind or return to court to obtain a better outcome. For that reason, it is critical to obtain the guidance of a professional in tying up loose ends and ensuring everything is done properly.

How We Can Help

We can ensure that you do things the right way — whether that means helping you prepare and file the paperwork or trying up any loose ends.